Cooking To Save Money

A lot of us these days are on a tight budget, and food is probably the thing that we spend the most on every week, especially of you have a big family. Feeding an average family of four each week can cost well over £100 and if you do not watch what you spend, it can be a lot more.

Whether you do a weekly shop or visit a local store whenever you need to, the fact is that most of us tend to buy more than we eat and spend more than we have to, so following a few bits of advice can really help to cut costs.

Don’t Throw Leftovers Away

If at the end of a meal you find that there is a lot of food left, either on the pan or on the plate, do not thrown it away. Simply get some Tupperware and store it for eating later in the week. Make sure that you wait for the food to cool down before you place it in the fridge or freezer and then you will have a meal ready for you whenever you want it.


Choose Supermarket Own Brands

Many taste tests have been carried out over the years and the results have shown the most people cannot tell the difference between a supermarket brand and a premium brand when it comes to things like cornflakes, ketchup, biscuits and just about anything else that you can think of. Supermarket brands are a lot cheaper than premium brands and if you do not tell your family what you have bought, chances are that  they will never even notice.


Each time you pay in the supermarket remember to keep the receipt, because most of the time you will find a coupon for some money off your next shop. Often you have to use these coupons within a couple of weeks, so remember to take it with you next time you do a shop. You can also use coupons when you shop online. They have different names sometimes such as voucher codes or promo codes, but they are essentially the same thing. Some of the best websites where you will find them listed are 24, Fliggo Voucher Codes and Money Saving Expert.

Visit The Supermarket At The End Of The Day

This is a sneaky trick which will definitely save you a few pounds. If your schedule allows it, try to visit the supermarket after 6pm as this is when they will want to get rid of all of the products which will not be able to be sold the next day. Often you can pick things up for half price or even a quarter of the original price. On some occasions, they have even been known to give things away for free, so you never know when you might get lucky.

Do you have any more money saving tips for food? If so, please let us know all about them and we will add them to this list if we think they are good.