sonoma chicken salad

Tasty Sonoma Chicken Salad Recipe

For those of us on a healthy eating regime, a tasty chicken salad makes a great evening meal which is far from bland. Just because you might be trying to count the calories, it does not mean that your taste buds have to suffer. Follow this Somona chicken salad recipe which is packed with grapes and pecans, and you can not go wrong.

Somona chicken salad

 If you want to take a short cut, you can buy precooked chicken, although roasting your won bone and skin on breast is the best thing to do for flavour.

Firstly take a nice big bowl and add a heaped cup of chopped, baked chicken breast.

Next up you need to add a third of a cup of pecans, followed by a 3/4 cup of red seedless grapes. Remember to make sure that you slice the grapes in half before hand.

Following that, take on celery stalk and thinly slice it, also adding it into your large bowl.

Now in order to bring everything together you should add a cup of plain Greek yoghurt and mix for a couple of minutes. If your are serious about sticking to a healthy diet, then it is best to go for a low fat yoghurt which will not have any unnecessary calories. This recipe can also use mayo instead of yoghurt if you are not so bothered about making a low calorie meal.  Another option is to use 50% mayo and 50% yoghurt, depending upon your taste.

To finish off you should add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and the same amount of honey. This is very important for adding the full flavour you your salad. Poppy seeds are also a nice finishing touch which adds a different texture to your food, so if you can get hold of them, they are recommended.

Finally season with a small amount of salt and pepper, stirring until you are happy that everything has been coated well.

This versatile salad can be eaten in a variety of different ways. You could simply enjoy it on its own or you could put it in a sandwich. One other interesting way to have it is placing in in a lettuce cup. However you you choose to eat it, Sonoma Chicken Salad is great any time of day.